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I took my Magnetic Socks with me on a trip to Japan this November and they helped me go the distance in comfort and style; the perfect travel socks for both on the aeroplane and on the ground. Their light compression boosted my energy and circulation whilst negating the aches and pains I usually experience on long distance flights - it made a complete difference to my adventure to arrive in a country feeling refreshed and revitalised. Long days walking were further supported by my secret weapon socks. They made a considerable difference to my balance, posture and comfort levels - I always felt cool and dry. They looked smart (as you must in Japan where women are always well dressed and you must often remove your shoes indoors!) and as they were light they were easily washed and dried in our guesthouse and hotel rooms. Non slip bottoms are also an added advantage on the sometimes slippery steps and floors. 
Lynn - Avid Traveller 


I used the Magnetic Socks Cycling model of socks to ride the length of New Zealand, this took ten days of riding an average of 125 KM per day, in all weathers. I usually have cold feet when riding, they also become very numb, especially after 4 hrs in the saddle. What I noticed was that my feet were never numb on this ride, I was comfortable and had full feeling. Which I have to say is a first for me. I would never look to wear anything else when riding long or short distances.They are the only solution I have found to my problem.If this is what they can do for me they will amazing for everyone.Thank you!

Amanda Mortimer - Marathon Runner and long distance Cyclist


I am a 53 year old female runner with several half marathons and one full one under my belt, i run most days 8- 10 kms, I have worn "Magnetic Socks" now for 3 months and have experienced the following amazing benefits from the socks.

  • My feet stay cooler, longer.
  • Legs are not so tired and don't have that "heavy feel"
  • Support and comfort for my knees
  • I usually leave on for a couple of hours after the run (time permitting) which i believe helps my recovery.

I highly recommend them, they are a unique product with honest benefits.

Pauline - Otago


I am a 60 year old golfer who plays twice a week and practices for up to 3 hours a week also, after wearing Magnetic socks for golf I am energised after playing, I use the golf socks for everyday use and they have given me a overall sense of well being and balance, my feet are comfortable after play and they help my recovery. I have researched the claims made by various magnet products but would honestly say these have been the best and most genuine results ever over decades of searching for a health or sport benefit.I highly recommend them to all golfers!

Allan - Golfer


I first started wearing the magnetic powered socks when I was training for my first ever run. This was no beginners run, It was a 60 km ultra marathon in the mountains. My body was taking a pounding and I was experiencing all manner of foot problems. I decided to give the socks a try. I wore them all day for the 3 months before the race. The benefits became obvious over the months with support for the circulation to my feet which in turn contributed to the natural recovery of many foot injuries. I wore the same pair of socks for the duration of the run and remarkably suffered NO blisters, much to the surprise of some veteran runners who anticipated I would suffer many. The socks were sensational over the testing terrain enduring steep up and down hill gradient for many kms with wet and muddy conditions. I had worn severe holes in my training shoes by the end of the race but the socks were in perfect condition. The benefit of wearing the socks as part of my training undoubtedly paid off. They are extremely comfortable and snug and I now wear them on a daily basis.

Vicki Onions


Hi Allan
Firstly, I have been remiss in not thanking you for the two pairs of socks – much appreciated. I was intrigued to try and used both pairs last weekend playing two days. I typically wear a slightly thicker sock so put another pair over the top. I can honestly say my feet where the most comfortable they have been. They felt warm and I felt very stable and confident in my stance and set up. I have recently had problems with the outside of my left foot as I used to be a slider but recently have been working on more rotation through my swing which has put pressure on my L foot. Anyway the upshot … I felt the best I have been in ages. As to my game, I shot a 4 over on Sat (which is good for me) and was two over at the turn on Sunday – then blew out. But as an excuse on Sunday it started hosing down and did not let up and I totally lost focus. In summary, I am very confident they made a significant difference. I did get a ribbing from my mates (as you would expect) – but am also confident I can swing them, especially if I start shooting some low scores. There are others in the club I can promote these too and will keep you updated as I use more times - but as I don’t need to tell you with golf, having technology that provides increased confidence can make a significant difference to the way one performs. I am a believer.
Thanks again, most appreciated.
Best regards, Mike.

Michael Maingay | Group Account Director