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Please read through some of our frequently asked questions below, read more about the research behind our patented magnetic technology, or simply get in contact to find out more about SPM™.

Q: Why are the feet so important to overall health and wellbeing?
A: Chinese medicine confirms that the body is crossed by 10 meridians or lines that run from head to toe. The point on the foot where these meridians end correspond to the areas of the body those meridians run through. By stimulating these receptors, full-body health benefits can be achieved.

Q: Is SPM™ technology similar to Chinese acupuncture and foot reflexology?
A: Yes – the patented magnet technology in SPM™ socks is based on the same principles as Chinese acupuncture and reflexology.

Q: How does SPM™ work?
A: Using specially positioned magnets, SPM™ socks help to stimulate nerve receptors in the foot. These receptors connect to the brain, which responds with an adjustment in posture and balance. The SPM™ magnets also encourage electromagnetic waves to work on specific points in the body, transferring energy to organs and muscles to support their efficiency, and natural healing.

Q: Who can wear SPM™ socks?
A: We have four different ranges of SPM™ socks available to suit any age or lifestyle – read more about our Sport Line (link to Sport Line), City Line (link to City Line), Wellness Line (link to Wellness Line) and Work Line (link to Work Line) socks.

Q: Are SPM™ socks suitable for everyone?
A: Yes they are – except for those wearing a Pacemaker. Due to the magnetic technology, SPM™ socks are not suitable for Pacemaker wearers.

Q: What benefits will I get from wearing SPM™ socks?

A: Wearers of SPM™ socks have reported an improvement in balance, posture, comfort. They also feel energized and feet and leg feel calm and comfortable – as well as a better overall sense of wellbeing.X